Loading sample into Sampler in lower zone crashes 100% of the time

This happened on 9.5 as well, and I thought it would be fixed this time. I can not at all use this feature.

The crash log is attached.


Could you please attach the crash dump file?

What kind of file do you drag-and-drop? From where (project/MediaBay/Explorer/Finder…)?

Attached the crash log
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.15 20.27.dmp (562 KB)

Dragging and dropping from anywhere into the sampler window causes Cubase to crash, every time.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I would imagine the crash logs might hold some information.


What kind of file do you drag-and-drop? Could you try in Cubae Safe Start Mode (please rename the Preferences folder of Cubase 9.5 too; Cubase 10 in Safe Start Mode could inherit already corrupted Cubase 9.5 preferences).

I am dragging a wav file. I will try Safe Mode


More details would be helpful. What kind of wave file? Mono/Stereo? What sample rate? What bit depth?

Hello, as stated earlier, any wav file of any sample rate or bit depth, regardless of mono vs stereo will force the program to crash.


Repotred to Steinberg (CAN-19464).


Could you please attach Cubase and SamplerTrack preferences?

Both are located in:

  • %appData% Steinberg/Cubase 10
  • %appData% Steinberg/SamplerTrack

I know you said any file crashes to you. But I cannot reproduce it. Could you attach one “example” file, please?



Thank you for the XML file. But I would need the whole preferences folder. I.e. the whole Cubase LE AI Elements 10 and Sampler Track folder from the mentioned location. Please ZIP them and share them.

I would also appreciate, if you could attach at lease one sample.

Thank you.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Here are the zipped folders and sample

Cubase https://ufile.io/iigsl
Sampler Track https://ufile.io/u1ywi
Sample https://ufile.io/ceiv2


Thank you for the data. I passed this over to Steinberg. With your preferences, the file crashes on my side too.

Thanks, is there any update?

Hi there, I’d like to request an update for this issue.


Unfortunately no update here so far.

I’m working in Cubase elements 10 and cannot create a sampler track without it crashing. Is there really no fix fo this?

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach the crash dump file, please?