Loading saved Presets - workflow?

fiddling with 8 pro today…

saving some presets… created sub-folders in the preset save dialog box etc.

When I go to “add track from preset”… these new presets are nowhere to be found. All I see are a bunch of pre fab stock Steinberg presets that I have no use for. I would think my user presets would be front and center. Where do I find these? If I fill in the search field they do appear but I want to see them before typing anything. I feel like I’m missing something obvious. Thanks for any advice!

They are sorted alphabetically. I always use an exclamation point as the first character in the name so they are at the top of the list i.e. !My Preset Name

Hey thanks! Good method… although it feels like Steinberg should make our preset folders navigable when loading here? I don’t quite understand the logic. Thanks for the tip.