Loading score stops at 60%

Since approximately 2 days Dorico has a problem with opening my very large project (although only 1 flow) but over 40 instruments. It shanks when loading the file at 60%.
I habet force a quit of Dorico and a restart orf the iMac then it worked. But I don’t know for how long.


60% is, give or take, when Dorico starts loading project data related to playback. Have you been able to open other projects without trouble? Is the playback engine running correctly? Something might have decoupled both parts, and the reboot (or just re-opening Dorico and closing it correctly) popped everything back to place.

Yes other files did load normally.
Thus I suppose it’s a problem with loading so many sounds (3 times Halion SE).
But just a guess of mine.

I’ve had this issue as well when there isn’t enough RAM available.

Do you mean not enough RAM within the computer (I have 8GB) or within Dorico in the Halion Options window?

When Dorico doesn’t have enough available RAM, for example when other programs are using too much. On Windows you can see RAM usage in Task Manager; on Mac in Activity Monitor.

I had this issue, too, and there is a thread about this already. It’s likely that the VST Engine stalled. The steps provided in that other thread show a workaround; and Ulf of Steinberg recommended to get the latest version of the VST Audio Engine, and since then I didn’t have any hang-ups anymore.

Thank you both for your hints and help.
I increased the RAM for HALion in the options window and it seems to help.