Loading sessions and templates inconsistently FAILS (on new M1Pro Max Macbook)

After acquiring the new M1 chip macbook (which handles like a champ when Cubase works), i am having serious considerations on dumping Cubase altogether.


I migrated my session template (built on my i7 macbook pro). When i load a previous session or create a new one with this template, I get very inconsistent results. One instance, it will hang on “Loading Channel: x”, where x is whatever track ex; Drums (which is a folder), or a track like say LDV.

I force quit and reopen in ‘Safe Mode’, to the offending track and delete all plugins. Save, quit and re-open. Same issue, different track…

I try again and it loads the offending track and chooses another track (Which loaded already previously btw) and freezes on it.

Another attempt and the whole session loads with no freezes. Or I open a different track and it open/or freezes, depending on how it feels at that moment i guess, because it is so random i have no idea why it freezes on one track and then opens fine another time…

In my logic, if there was something wrong with the tracks or template, it would not work, period. But when it loads and i work hours on end with no issues, then the next day it decides to call out sick and leaves me stuck and frustrated as hell spending (literally) hours force quitting and re opening wasting my day, I am not happy with Cubase.

I downloaded v12 to trial run it and it did the same thing, similarly inconsistently as well. So instead of giving more money to a software company with the same issues as v11 I, am sticking here. Or possibly just dumping my relationship with Cubase altogether!

I have ZERO issues with ProTools when it comes to loading similar sessions with all the same plugins. I have come to love doing production work in Cubase for the past 2-3 years and hope to continue, but will drop on a dime if there is no solution because I don’t have time to stare at a session Loading for 20 mins, if at all.


Macbook Pro, M1 Max, 32 GB, 2 TB
OS 12.6 Monterey
Cubase 11.0.41 (*also attempted with with same exact inconsistent issues)

I have disabled preferences as well, with no change in results

Any help is greatly appreciated…


Do you start Cubase in the Rosetta 2 mode or natively?

Do you use lots of 3rd party plug-ins?


Both & yes


Are all your plug-ins up to date? Are all of them M1 compatible? All of them are VST3, right?

Yes 3x

*I am currently working in the very session i was having issues with as i wrote this post earlier. it took almost an hour of restarting cubase and loading before it finally decided to open and has been working fine with no issues, 3rd party, vst3 and all