loading songs from old Cubase version to Ai7

I’m having trouble loading old cpr files into my new Ai7 on Windows 8. I am recording new songs fine, but every time I load an old track recorded on Cubase 5 SE (I think), weird things happen audio kicks in & out, functions come & go & ultimately cubase crashes. This is like back to the dark ages of computers. I had the perfect setup on Win XP until my hard drive crashed & I had to upgrade everything. Win doesn’t seem to like anything older than it??
Thx Bobby V

Hello Bobby,

There wasn’t an SE 5 version of Cubase, however there was an SE 3 version of Cubase, that was supported on Windows XP. It was not supported beyond XP. Cubase SE projects or .cpr files are not supported for opening in Cubase AI7. Cubase LE 5 should be able to open in Cubase AI7. However if you have older VST’s from LE5 or 3rd party VST’s that are out dated on the project they may not load or work properly on a new operating system and in Cubase AI7. These can also cause some of the issues you are describing. Here is a backwards compatibility chart from developers knowledge base that will show you what older versions of Cubase should be able to open in newer ones.


Thanks so much for your reply Joel. I’m not good on the computer stuff & have probably got my version ID’s wrong, but what you’re saying makes sense & would appear to be the source of the problem. the next question is how do I get around it. I have over a hundred works on the old system that I can’t transfer. I’ve even tried exporting separate audio & or midi tracks but it keeps crashing halfway through the process.
Regards Bobby V