Loading time samples and presets.

Dear readers,

In the last few updates for cubase going on from cubase 8.5. i have come to know that the loading time has become longer and longer. I wil give an example.

Start-up cubase.
open the media-bay using f5
In the result field you will see scanning
It will take time for sample or presets to show ant evan when sample or presets are shown when reviewing a midi preset it will take time for the preset to play sound.
option 2: go to the media-bay on the right side of the arranger window.
In the result field you will see scanning.
The same thing will occur as in the first example.
This also goes for steinberg vst instruments when trying to load a sound.

Something i saw was that some files where showing red in the media-bay.

I truly feel that cubase is becoming slower in it’s processing and handeling as made in the example that i have given.

I hope this gets resolved. Please take this into know-this.

Best regards,