Loading Times and Project File Size Issues

Hi all,

Two issues currently with my template:

  1. Loading speed. 10-20 minutes to load, 10-20 minutes to close.

  2. File size (.cpr). Always 687MB for each project file.

My template has 0 enabled tracks on initial load. All virtual instruments are disabled (do not show in the VSTi window), and no plugins are active. About 1000 tracks are MIDI and Instrument tracks, which are all disabled, but load up multi-timbral instances of Kontakt with everything loaded for that multi when I enable those tracks. Everything is pre-routed to the correct audio groups and/or sends.

Please let me know what I can do to decrease loading times, and file size. I have disabled Window’s Defender, and also created exceptions for all of my VST library folders and Cubase folders (including the processes).

I am happy to post a video showing the template if what I explained does not make sense. Additionally, my computer specs are as follows. Thank you so much for the help!

Intel i9-10940x
128gb RAM
Everything is on SSD or M.2.

Bump ^^