Loading track preset options for MixConsole

Add option similar to “Import tracks from project” for MixConsole’s “Load Track Preset”, where you could actually select what to load, like all or just racks, or just a volume fader, or all without volume and track name etc.

Many times I would like to test some factory track presets for my respective tracks (bass, hihat, toms etc.) but it always also change the track volume and track name which drives me mad sometimes!

As for the volume, at the moment I am solving this by adding “empty” track Read automation - not good.

I like the feature request - especially in regards to the renaming of the track.
Routing should also be kept as set.
But to workaround in a situation that you described I’d just duplicate the track mute the original and see if the preset is any good for my purpose - if yes, rename and tweak, through away the original. If not just delete the whole new track and you get rid of the whole thing in one go, without having to re-rename or redo settings, etc.
This way you can even take over the name by copy, paste and set the volume to where it was because you should do that in the project-window and not in the mixer (maybe with the mixer in the lover zone…
Hope this helps giving you a bit of a workflow boost for your issue.