Loading track presets on a blank instrument channel

I have a template with multiple blank instrument tracks loaded with appropriate routings and whenever I fire up a track preset (Instrument + Effects) via the Inspector on a blank instrument channel the output of the synth in question doesn’t pass through the channel.

I guess its something to do with the new rack/track system because it seems that loading a track preset from the inspector on a blank instrument channel doesn’t load anything into the VST rack. I can open up the synth GUI and see audio pass through the the synth’s own output (provided the synth has an output meter) meter but audio doesn’t reach the channel at all (no visual / audible signal).

Any ideas?

It used to work as expected on 7.06 but after upgrading to 7.5 I can’t get it to work. The track presets work as expected if I open up the VST rack and choose add track and scroll for the preset I want to load. I’d rather not do it that way and just load it from the inspector of the blank channel instead. Less menus, less panels.