Loading VMX files created in Cubase 5 into Cubase 7

I just recently made the switch from cubase 5 to 7. I had a lot of channel presets that I’ve made myself and wich I had saved in cubase 5 easily by right clicking in the channel and use the functions ‘save channel settings’ or ’ save mixer settings’.

I still have all these saved presets (vmx) but I can’t load them into cubase 7 anymore? I’ve tried putting them in all directories (channelstrip, track presets, fxchain) but cubase 7 just doesn’t show or recognize them anymore. Is there still a way to use my old vmx presets from cubase 5 or should I really start recreating every single one of them again by saving them as an fx chain preset?

Depending on the used version, you can load them in C7 from the function menu in the mix console.

5.5 was the used version and now 7.0.6. If I use load fx chain preset or ‘from track preset’ or ‘load track preset’ cubase doesn’t show them. Or am I looking in the wrong place?


can you please show me where the right place it? Would be much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile: I’ve scanned the whole location tree, tried to put them in every possible folder but nothing…

If you do it from scratch cubase 7 saves them as a .fxchainpreset and not as a .vmx anymore like in C5. And can’t seem to find the way how to open the old vmx’s or even show them in C7.

If you actually Read my First post, you’ ll find I Already wrote where the right place for saving and loading *.vmx files is. I could repeat it once more, but I don’ t really like repeating myself too much…

sorry was searching to far again instead right in front of my nose, found it on the top right :slight_smile: thx