Loading VSL vst's mutes audio

I’ve noticed this since 5.5.2 -

Sometimes, and pretty often, when inserting Vienna Suite plugins (64-bit) either during playback or in stopped mode, audio playback disappears completely. Cursor runs ok and Nuendo has not crashed, but audio is muted. Only way to get audio back is to restart Nuendo which makes the workflow kinda slow, especially if there are plenty of samples involved. I’ve noticed this using Generic ASIO driver, not sure how it works with other i/o’s.

Of course, this could also be Vienna Suite problem, but I’d happy to know if someone happens to know something about this…and maybe some solution?


Happens to me all the thing - VERY frustrating. Not just VSL, but other plugs…??

Ok, so someone else has the problem too. I can be wrong, but it might be that I experience this even more often with 5.5.3. but not sure. Timo & others at Steinberg, have you noticed the problem, any workarounds?

I have win7 pro 64-bit running on MBP late '11, 16gb RAM, Nuendo 5.5.3 and latest Vienna Suite + other plugs which seem to behave the same way.

(Disclaimer - I’m a developer for VSL.)

I’ve run into the same problem with Vienna Suite plugins (or actually only with Vienna Multiband Limiter) two or three times in NU 5.5.3, but I can’t reproduce it reliably. (… on Win 7/64 and Win Vista/64, that is - using NU 5.5.3 in 32 bit and 64 bit modes). Has anybody of you seen some kind of pattern in it? I will gladly report it to VSL’s software engineers.

@ Rob: You say you have encountered this with other plugins, too? Would you mind to mention the names? Maybe this would allow for a faster fix of the problem.


I run into this problem mostly with Vienna Suite Master Equalizer which I use constantly as channel insert instead of normal EQ (master eq’s hi/lo shelves are very useful). I think I recall I’ve had audio muted also when inserting Hybrid Reverb. I use the limiter too sometimes, but don’t remember whether that one has caused any muted audio.

But master equalizer - sure, two times even today. Getting on my nerves…

I already made VSL’s software engineers aware of the issue. Feel invited to post it in VSL’s own forum, too! -> http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/

A little update: I’m testing a new internal beta-build of Vienna Suite right now, and AFAICS the problem seems to be gone. :slight_smile:

… will let you know when the update is available.

Well, this is certainly good news! Thanks for working with us on this and big kudos for spotting this subject from another forum. Once again, VSL delivers like it always has!

Being a die-hard Nuendo user myself since more than a decade now, that’s the easy part of VSL support! ;-D