Loading VST Instrument Libraries


I am running a MacPro with OSX10.7.5 with Cubase 7.5.2 and a bunch of third party VST Plug-ins. I have a UAD 2 Quad Card installed.

I am setting up my corner studio with Halion 5, Komplete 9 Ultimate, and Arturia V Instrument package. I imagine obtaining more Plug-ins and VST Instruments in the future.

My question is… What is the best set up plan so I am not filling my OSX HDD and want the best performance when it comes to loading the large libraries during production. Komplete 9 Ultimate is almost 400GB alone! I have two 1TB 7200 RPM HDDs along with my OSX 500TB HDD. I am considering the purchase of a 500GB SSD to replace my OSX HDD.

Anyone have suggestions about what to purchase, how to organize the libraries and Plug-ins, and if it makes sense to have all plug-ins, libraries and other software separate from the OSX???


Jon Frost - “Stymied in MA”

It is never recommended that one install samples on the system drive, even though the instruments themselves are there. Since you have an older Mac Pro, you have room for 3 more internal hard drives (in addition to the system drive) so perhaps consider installing one or more, and install samples on them For example, Kontakt itself will be installed to your system drive, but its sample library would then go on your ‘samples one’ hard drive. Hope that helps get you started. Note too though that you may also want to update your operating system to Mavericks at some point or you will run into problems installing some music software programs and updates.