loading.xml files along with project.

Can anyone please help me with a small annoying problem ( not the wife ! ) I have when loading a project into
cubase ? I use a kenton control freak studio edition, which I have had for many many years and am quite conversant with all its workings, to control my cubase mixer sliders / pans etc etc. When I have a project up and running, I save the remote controller ( kenton ) settings as a .xml file with the same title as the project. However when I come to reload that song, the .xml file for the kenton DOESN’T load with the song, its no hardship to load it manually but it would be nice to have it done automatically along with the project. I will be amazed if it is not possible, the .xml file by the way, is stored in the same location as the project.

I think you are out of luck, as I understand it controller setup is not saved in a project.
Cubase still hassome nice secrets I don’t know about though :slight_smile: