Loads but unresponsive

when i load a instance of the plugin…it is unresponsive…
i can not move knobs or pull up presets… i can play whatever the pre loaded sound is… but thats it…
let me add…its the new macbook pro retnia display…
any help?


Dear Cratemusik,

Which DAW are you using? Cubase 6/6.57/7.5 or any other DAW?

Maybe you just have to run the DAW in low resolution mode:

  • Quit the application if it is currently open
  • In the Finder, choose “Applications” from the “Go menu”
  • In the applications folder, select the application’s icon and press Command+I to open the information window
  • Check “Open in Low Resolution” to enable the low resolution mode.
  • Close the window and double click the application to reopen it.

    If you are using Garageband you will have to do a double click for each and every action.
    So, when you want to move a fader, do doubleclick on it, hold the second click - this should work.