Local barline repeat

I was trying to create a barline just in one staff, in the middle of a free rhythm bar.
The first thing I’ve tried was Shift+B -> “:|” -> Alt + ENTER, and it didn’t work. The barline appeared in every staff.
Then I tried to create a local time signature change (free rhythm again) and select the barline and do the same. The result: the repeat barline appeared in every staff EXCEPT for the one with the local change. I would expect it to appear in every staff, but I can understand why it doesn’t in the local one, the same way special barlines don’t appear in the staff with the local time signature.
Then I tried again Shift+B -> “:|” -> Alt + ENTER in the local time signature change, and I achieved my desired result.
The curious thing is that afterwards I deleted the local time signature change and the repeat barline stayed in place.
My question is: Is there a way to put a repeat barline without creating a local time signature change and then deleting it?

You can’t input a local barline without also having a local time signature. As to getting the local barline, you need to do it from the caret (on the correct stave), not by selecting the global barline.

Thank you pianoleo. You’re right. What was strange to me was to actually create the local time signature and then delete it after placing the double barline, and that still worked. But I guess that the double repeat barline is itself a local time signature, thus it stays when I delete the X signpost.
I’ve found two issues with this:

  1. If the barline happens to be in the same rhythmical spot than an adjacent staff AND there’s not other differing barlines or time signatures somewhere else, both barlines join, which is not always desiderable. In the example below, both viola and vln 2 where written at the same rhythmical positions, but since the material is independent, I didn’t want the barlines to be joined. Since the rhythmical positions are meaningless in this situation, I’ve just put the barline one 16th note earlier in the viola, and it worked.
  2. Playback is completely messed up, it just repeats endlessly. Which I can understand, but I would also understand that local repeat barlines are for special notations and should be ignored for playback purposes.