Local caesuras?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create “local” caesuras that would only apply to the one staff where they’re created?

I’m writing a concerto and in a short, unmeasured cadenza I would like to add a caesura for the soloist. I tried “//” in the holds popover with ALT–ENTER, but that created a caesura in every staff and I certainly don’t want those showing up in the orchestra’s parts…


I’m not sure Dorico lets us at this point. Gotta fake it with Text…

Just wondering…wouldn’t you want the other players to get a heads up that there was going to be a pause even if it wasn’t theirs?

No, not in this case. They have to wait for the conductor (me) anyway!

I would like the option for local fermatas too. I had an organ score where all voices except the melody dropped out. Suddenly I had fermatas on empty staves and it looked absolutely terrible and I fussed with the options but couldn’t hide the [redundant] extras. Clearly I’m not going to hold a solo note at the end of a bar and continue the left hand and pedal across the barline. One fermata was definitely sufficient. And while one fermata might not have been “technically” correct, I’d like to exercise my composer’s license here.