Local Chord Symbols not working in Dorico 5?

I guess I need someone else to confirm this possible bug, but trying to input local chord symbols is not working for me in Dorico 5. Shift Q followed by Option L is not allowing the local chord symbol icon to ‘stick’ and I cannot input a local chord symbol. Checked it in 4.3.30 where it is working as expected.

Surely it is shift-Q then Alt/Opt-Enter?

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Just tested and local chords with Alt+Enter are working fine for me.

Here’s the manual: Local Chord Symbols
I’m on a Mac and it is definitely working differently from v.4.3…30 where Shift Q brings up the chord symbol popover; to change to local symbols I hit Option L and I get the chord symbol with a head to signify local, I then input my chord and hit Enter. In v.5, the popover symbol with the head does not stay active after hitting Option L. Same set of key commands used. Can someone try it on a Mac?

Okay - Just realized my keyboard was on Unicode input! Apologies! Still weird that it worked fine in 4.3.30 even with Unicode as my selected keyboard language.

TBH I was unaware that alt/opt-L turned the chord popover local. My brain is small, so I really like Dorico’s consistency that alt/opt-enter always makes something local (chord symbols, key signatures, meter changes etc.) if it can.

I kinda had forgotten that Alt-L locks the input to local too. I guess my typical workflow is to input all the chords, then go back and use local for something like simplifying a bass part, changing a chord to a pedal, etc., so I’m usually just changing one chord at a time rather than inputting a string of local chords. The current D5 manual also has the simple Alt/Opt-Enter method mentioned too.

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