Local definition grid misalignment (Musical mode)

I wonder what’d be the fastest way to do the following: let’s say I have a complete mix in a stereo audio track, set to NON musical mode, but already correctly aligned with the project ruler.

Now, I’d like to switch the mix to musical mode, so I’ll be able to experiment with tempo track editing, but having the mix retaining the correlation with the project beats and bars.

Unfortunately, when I switch to Musical Mode in the Sample Editor, the audio file local tempo grid (“local definition grid” as per C6 manual p. 273 onward) is not perfectly aligned with the project tempo grid. Auto Adjust doesn’t work well with this mix, so I have to adjust each and every bar using Manual Adjust: it works, but it’s quite time consuming.

So, I’d like to know: is there a way to tell Cubase, when switching to musical mode, that the audio file is already correctly aligned with the grid, so the local definition grid will be simply forced to the project tempo grid? Or Am I missing something trivial? :blush:

I hope I’ve explained my problem clear enough…

Thank you.