Local distributer does not respond to my license deactivation request


I upgraded spectra layers to 9 and when I activated it the manager deactivated my Nuendo 12 license… but it did not return the license to the cloud.

Now I have Nuendo only on one computer and spectra layers on two.

On My Steinberg it says my Nuendo is installed on 3 computers.

I’m in Israel so I can’t open a support ticket directly, I asked the distributor to do so but there is no answer.

It’s 7 days now.

Any insight?


It’s over a month and still no support…
This is getting seriously unfair, my first Steinberg product was PRO24 on Atari!
First time I get treated like this.

Yeah I agree, you should @ some of the staff on this forum. Obviously they have outsourced support to their local distributors because of volume. But it’s pretty weird not to be able to submit a support ticket to Steinberg. If they want to roll this way their distributors need to be responsive. Good luck!

Has the distributor replied to you yet?

They are replying to me but no answer from Steinberg …
I’m hesitant installing the new update so I don’t lose the last license I have.

just sorted out!