Local Music Text Font Size

I’m redoing a piece I had for trumpet and electronics, using the new features in 3.1. I’m using the new option to show noteheads and other symbols using tokens, but the size is too small. I know I can edit the “character style” of the music text, but then other symbols (like the transposition for the trumpet) are too big. Editing the font size of the token itself doesn’t seem to change the size of the musical symbols. Is there a way to locally change the font size of these tokens?

I’m not sure that you can at present, no. However, you could define another character style based on ‘Music text’ that enlarges the size, and use that when necessary, perhaps?

Thanks, Daniel. I tried that, but could not apply it to the text in the frame. When you edit the text it actually shows “default text” and only resolves to music text once you click out of the text frame.

That is true, it would only work for text in Shift+X text items where you can control which character style is used. Unfortunately, then, I can’t think of a good way of solving this right now.

Thanks. Hopefully it’s something you’d be able to include in the future. On the other hand, the (amazing) new line tool has made redoing this aleatoric and electronics heavy piece an absolute delight.