Local Part Condensing (Page Specific)

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I’m curious, is it possible to condense a certain group of instruments on specific pages of a score where it would be more necessary than others to conserve space? For instance, my Flute 1-2 are not condensed on the same line the whole piece because they perform vastly different music, but on a certain portion of the score, they play a very homorhythmic passage and I want to condense those staves together on that page or pages. Is this doable?


Yes. It’s not possible to turn on condensing for specific passages, but it absolutely is possible to turn on condensing globally, then set the Notation Options for condensing in such a way that it automatically resists condensing the passages where the material widely differs between the two flutes. If need be, you can also utilise Condensing Changes and set the condensing group of two flutes to “No Condensing”.

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