Local time signatures and repeats

I’m having trouble putting repeat signs into a piece that uses local time signatures. Two instruments have a global time signature at the beginning, one has a local time signature, and I can’t get repeat signs to stay in that instrument.

Even clicking on a bar line on that instrument and clicking a repeat sign ends up showing repeat signs in the other two instruments but not in that one! The bar lines are in sync/lined up where I’m trying to repeat so it’s not like there would be odd bars left over.

Is this a bug, or a limitation of Dorico, or am I trying to do something that I shouldn’t be?

You should find that you can add repeat barlines independently to the staff or staves with independent time signatures.

Okay, will have a play around to see if I’m doing it wrong, but they’re definitely not appearing where I want them to. Is there a support email address if I need to email a sample file to someone to check it?

You can attach it here, or you can attach it to a private message.

Are you confirming the repeat barlines on the local staff with ALT/OPT?

No I was using the panel and mouse. Using the popover and :|: and alt-enter seems to work, but only enters it onto that instrument - am I right in thinking that an instrument that has local time signatures has repeat barlines that are independent of the other instruments, so even though they will all occur at the same points I’ll need to enter them individually?

edit - and also, even though there are now repeat lines in all instruments in the right places, they’re not being reflected in playback. Do I need to manually set the number of repeats or something?

I thought that was what you wanted, to enter the repeat without interfering with what was on the other staves.

I’m not surprised that it doesn’t play back. I’m not even sure whether other repeats containing independent time signatures would.

You are certainly attempting a complex structure. Perhaps Daniel or another user will have a better approach.

Is it really that complex a structure? I want to enter the attached pattern and have it repeat in playback - everything lines up so I’m not sure why it should be such a problem.

It’s not essential to fix it for this project as I can work around it, but I’m surprised it’s so tricky to set up.

Dorico won’t play back repeats correctly in projects with local time signatures, I’m afraid. If playback is important, I would suggest indicating the cross rhythm through beaming 5/4 manually and perhaps using some horizontal bracket lines (the way hemiolas are often indicated in modern editions of Renaissance music).

No the playback isn’t such a problem just now, I did wonder if it wouldn’t play repeats with different time signatures, it would be fine in this case but you’d have to put some complicated rules in to deal with repeats that aren’t all equal length. I can always mock up an expanded-out version if I ever need to show someone the playback.