Localized WaveLab PDF are now available.


The localized versions of the online help, will be included in upcoming 8.0.2 versions.

great work, thank you !

It is interesting that the documentation is made as of the 18/06/2013, today is only the 12:06:13 :smiley:

I guess the update 8.0.2 appears on 18.06.2013 :sunglasses:

It’s known that Steinberg is ahead of its time :wink:

yes, sometimes, unfortunately, too far :wink:

I guess this may answer my question about the release date for 8.0.2.

I was hoping it would be available this week but I guess the 18th will come soon enough. If all the bugs that were discussed here are truly fixed, it will be an amazing version of Wavelab.