Locally edit right bracket ")" after a group of notes

I’d like to put parentheses (curved brackets) around a group of notes to indicate that they are sung not played and while I can insert a right hand ) using the playing techniques menu, I can’t figure out how to edit the size of it in the engraving panel – and I need to be able to edit locally, not set a universal size.

I can create a left parenthesis using the arpeggiation menu, (and edit it in engraving mode) but I can’t seem to flip it over to go the other way.

any suggestions??

I ran into a similar issue myself. Create a new notehead with a left parentheses and another with a right parentheses. (There are videos out there that explain creating noteheads). Then select the note(s), right click and select a new notehead. If there is an easier way to do this, I’d like to know how as well.

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Maybe you can use a line as I show here. Just modify the brackets.


The file is included in the post below so that you can copy/paste it

Has there been any update on this issue, or has it been addressed elsewhere? I have a similar need - to be able to put square brackets around groups of two or more notes (in addition to a single note).

I use Vertical Lines to mark notes as optional, or not to be played. Usually there’s a bit of moving around in Engrave mode, but it works.

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