Locally/globally Properties doesn't work properly

I want to change the size and position of the slash region in certain layouts due to cues.
Even though I set the settings to locally, the size of the slash regions in the score also changes, why?
With the other parameters I tried, everything works (for example: note scaling, rehearsal mark font…). I don’t know if the locally/globally option is applicable to all parameters in the properties panel or only to some of them.

Use these buttons to determine which properties can be set locally and which properties can only be set globally.


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Ooo, so that’s how things work…I didn’t know that at all. Great, thanks a lot Leo!
But on the other hand, it would be great if it was possible for some other parameters like slash region, especially if we want to add cues (which don’t really need to be visible in the score) to a specific layout.
Anyway, thanks a lot.

You can set cue visibility for each layout (Layout Options>Players>Cues). By default cues are not visible in Score layouts.

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Thank you very much. Yes, I know that, but I wanted to say that it would be good not to change the size of the slash regions in the score, because there is no need (of course, this is not a problem, everything is great like this). For some layouts it is a great option because the slash region can be reduced in size and moved down so that the cue can fit well. For example: