Locate content? HalionOne

Hi, I just bought Cubase 6 and when I try to use HalionOne there’s no content, right click and I get a dialog to locate content, tried a few things but no presets at all. Need help.

I’m using Windows 7 64bit

I had the same problem.

I believe that all the HaionOne content is now accessed via Halion Sonic. HalionOne is just included for cross compatibility with older Cubase projects.

I stared at that HalionOne screen for a long time waiting for it to load up, with no joy :cry:

Have a look here, it should be possible to get it to work.


AFAIK this is entirely correct!
Can’t say i miss HO though! lol
Any old C5 projects i’ve loaded that contain instances of HO have worked just fine for me when i’ve loaded them in C6. HSE is a MUCH nicer synth imho anyway…

Thanks, so I use Locate content like this:
Local Disk (C:) > ProgramData > Steinberg > Content > HalionOne Soundbanks
Nothing. Notta, zilch.

So far I didn’t bother installing the VSTi demo’s. Seems Cubase 6 comes with very little VSTi’s compared to Sonar X1.

When Cubase 6 loads I get a dialog HALion Sonic SE didn’t load.
I don’t think it is installed correctly?

… so depending what O/S you are on… why not see if it IS installed and if not go through the installation procedure again possibly? :wink: