Locate Cursor On Event and Suspend Clip Group?

Hi all,

Couple of quick questions:

  1. Is there a way to place the cursor on top of an event by clicking directly on the event? This would make setting the snap point much easier than having to go up to the ruler all the time.

  2. Once I group a set of events, is there a key modifier to temporarily disable the group if I need to adjust one event in the group (say trim the length)?


Bump - anybody? Thanks!

What do you mean by the “Snap Point”? This normally refers to the snap point within an audio file, but that doesn’t involve the ruler, it has its own handle…do you mean you just want to move the cursor by interacting with the Project window? If so, try Preferences → Transport → Locate When Clicked In Empty Space. The cursor will go wherever you click, provided you don’t click directly on an event. If you want the cursor to go directly to the start of an event, select the event and then assign a key to Transport → Locate Selection. It is “L” on my keyboard, can’t remember if that is the default or if I created that :wink:

Thank you - I believe the set audio snap point relies on the cursor position when setting it? I didn’t find another way to set it. That’s too bad there isn’t a way to locate the cursor via mouse click directly on an event. Thanks for your tips though.