"Locate in empty space" for MIDI editors & VariAudio

Dear developers and fellow forumites,
this must be an old FR, but I find it jarring having to go to the ruler to place the cursor while in those editors.

Thanks for considering,


yes please… And maybe include a double-click to start/stop playback from there too…?

NB - already in my collected users ‘wishlist’ future for VariAudio enhancements/updates here. See item 12 :-



Mostly I like this idea, but … devil’s advocate time …

What do you do (where do you click) to deselect all selected items? Clicking in the “open field” does this now. With your suggested feature, the cursor would also be moved when maybe you did not want that to happen.

Another excellent point. There are IMO far too few empty spaces in Cubase now (especially in MixConsole!)

I plus oned because I -do- agree with the o/p gripe. But yeah, it probably should be implemented in a slightly different way. Perhaps clicking somehow on a button in the Editor?

Or limit the new capability to just the VA editor on this occasion…? The convenience and speed of workflow it brings, would be mega…!


(Well, that and double click to start/stop and bringing the Tools closer to hand, where you are actually working on screen - remove all that constant mouse movement up/down to re-position the cursor, or to the left and back to adjust quantise/straighten pitch parameters; you always seem to be moving away from where you’re working…)

May I bring this to everybody’s attention again? Especially in connection with the new tools for MIDI editing in 8.5!
Thanks for considering!