Locate in Empty Space not working with AutoScroll

Locate in Empty Space not working with AutoScroll. This problem applies to Cb8.50b69 and Cb8.05, but does not happen in Cb7.5 which works OK.

Anyone getting a problem with this? Here’s a repro that shows the problem on my system.

  1. Locate in Empty Space preference ON
  2. AutoScroll ON
  3. Suspend Auto-Scroll When Editing OFF (the little star next to the AutoScroll button, off/dimmed)
  4. Play a section of song where the project window is scrolling to follow the cursor
  5. Zoom in so that the bars are going by say 2 bars every second (a good zoom for seeing vocals or midi passing by)
  6. Click in empty space to locate, 95% of the time it doesn’t relocate

Workarounds for me:

a) Turn off AutoScroll (F key) - then it works 100% of the time
b) Turn off Suspend AutoScroll When Editing - then it works 100% of the time
c) Attempt to click really really fast/short - this works sometimes but isn’t reliable
d) Zoom out, because it seems to be less reliable the faster the scrolling goes by
e) Use Cb7.5 because this works faultlessly


Win7 x64 pro, Latest graphics drivers, latest version of Cb7.5 + Cb8 + Cb8.5

Bummmmp. Anyone notice this one? Still the same for me in Cb8.5.10.