Locate Next/Prev Selected Event

I thought that existed, but last night I was searching forums and the Key Commands editor for it, and apparently I remembered wrong.

A command to jump to the next selected event.

Use case: When making changes to a specific audio asset which may have been used in multiple places, there’s an existing function in the pool to select all events referencing said pool item. However there is no good way of navigating to them if you need to check or update automation.

Since it involves a conditional, I don’t think there’s a way of making a macro, is there? It’s needed as a new function.

More detailed scenario:

Yesterday I decided I needed to replace an ambience clip in a 2hr film mix. I found the proper replacement, loaded it in the pool, and shift-dragged it on one event of the old ambience in the timeline. That nicely offered me to replace it in all other events that referenced the old file, which I did. But I needed to check them all for volume automation. There were about 20 events on one track in the 2hr timeline. So I selected the new file in the pool, used ‘select in project’ in the pool, which did select all 20 events and highlight them red. But there was no good way of cycling through them. I had to use the N key to navigate through all events on the track to spot the ones which were selected. Not awful in this case since it was a pretty sparse ambience track. But in a busier DX track this could have been very tedious.

I guess one short term work-around would be to create a temp track, use the selected events and move them to the temp track where you can step through them, and then move them back to the original track. Easy if everything lives on one track, messy if they’re scattered around.

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I see them here…

Thanks. Not quite.

That is the next event, not the next ‘selected’ event. There may be other events between the current selected event and the next selected event.

In this screenshot I want to jump between the red outlined ones, which are all events of a single pool item.

Oops! Should have waited till I finished my coffee.

No worries. I appreciate the sanity check :slight_smile:

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Locate Next/Previous Selected Event would be a good command. Another good one would be “Create Markers from Selected Events”, so that you could sacrifice a Marker Track and Shift+B/Shift+N to those events after deselection.

This particular use case could have been handled by creating more clutter. After Select in Project, you could drag these events to a new track, and then navigate the events of this new track. But yes, probably tidier to navigate selected events if needed.

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Go to Project/Create markers from selected events. Choose settings: done.
You need the latest version for this to work.


What?! It can’t be!!!

Sees tag: “Nuendo”

Ohhhh! Good to know that this exists in Nuendo. Useful function.

Wait… are you posting in the Nuendo forum but you work with something else?

Ah, didn’t connect those dots. Yes, works perfectly. Thank you!

Ok now please explain to me how you replaced all the events automagically I can’t find the function :slight_smile:

Locate the file in the pool, shift drag it on top of the first event. It will prompt you if you want to just replace this instance or all of them that refer to the same file. You say yes, and they all get updated. The event description will contain both the old and the new filename btw, which is helpful.

It will automatically honor ranges and offsets (assuming your new file is long enough of course)

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Great stuff! thanks!

Yes, I’m using Cubase, sorry. It all sounded familiar, I should first check the tag and then answer. :nerd_face: