Locate presets in Halion One

Hello everybody
I’ve just done a fresh install of my Cubase 6.05 but I’m not able to use Halion One:
The presets can not be loaded
When I right click on this VSTi, a pop up with the message “Locate contents” shows up so I specify the folder with the .hsb files but it does not work.
I know I can use the Halion SE instead, but I have many projects with Halion One, so anyhelp Really welcome

There is a knowledge base article about getting HALion One presets in C6. Not sure if that is what you are trying to do. Basically, you have to copy them from the C5 folder.

Unfortunatelly I don t have Cubase 5, I did the install from the Cubase 6 DVD extra content folder.
Which knowledge you’re talking about?
Thanks you

I gave it up, there is no VST3 preset files for Halion One :frowning: , I do use Halion SE from now

Same problem as Ganax described. I worked with support for several weeks and was not able to resolve. Halion Sonic SE has pretty much all the presets that were in Halion One. Plus many great others. Check out the precision bass presets they are awesome! Also no more hang ups when using strings!.. Halion One is pretty much being phased out…