locate when clic on empty space = everywhere !


When this option is selected in pref it still does not work for :

  • clic in a track that is not active (or it’s automations / part lanes)

  • clic in loudness track (wich is annoying because when you read the loundess level you want to clic on some parts to see what’s going on there… wich you can’t do on the loudness track)(also makes no sense as there’s nothing you can edit with your mouse in that track so no risk to randomly affect anything by clicking in wrong place)

  • clic on empty space in key/sample edit window… such a waste of time to move up to timeline then move cursor back down the window to edit…

drives me mad for years





need this 24/7 in > Midi Key Editor !


Can’t you set the position with a tool modifier? Works over here. In Midi editor and in the Arrange window everywhere.
(go to: Preferences - Tool Modifiers - Pointer tool - then set a special key for “set position”… It’s option+shift here…)

10.3 aaaaand…

actually wait… omg now it’s worse !
with the combine tool you have to clic in the lower mid of any tracks /except loudness / oh you can locate on 1/2 bottom or markers… what a headache.

so mutliple tool is inspired from protools. but i remember correctly in protools the range tool also sets the locator … correct ?
i mean if you just clic and let go (without draging) why wouldn’t nuendo set the locator at that position (i’m sure protools does this now)

This was also my hope that this would be added in 10.3. Pro Tools has got this function where you can position the playhead to a specific timecode no matter where you click with the mouse, whether on empty space or on an audio clip. But this is very important if you use Nuendo for audio post production. Therewith it’s possible to be much faster.

… yep protool still faster on editing audio… fades… Haven’t used it for a decade but i remember editing audio was so fluid fast accurate… Never had this with nuendo :roll_eyes:

Prefs > Modifiers > Pointer Tool “set special key…”
(I use SHIFT for this e.g.)

thank you!

sorry can’t find Modifiers > Pointer Tool "set special key
you mean Editing > Tools modifiers > select tools ? something like that ? can’t find “Pointer Tool”

Try this:

Preferences - Tool modifier - Select tool - set position -
Modifier = CTRL

I use the CTRL modifier but ALT will also work


Wonderful! Nice tip! It works indeed!