Locating Bass Drum-> Gran Cassa Compi KS, also Marching Band style cymbals for symphonic scoring

Hi everyone. I just received my Dorico 3.5 Pro for Christmas and am very pleased. I have been a Sibelius6 user for the last decade, and I am already finding distinct advantages in Dorico. My first trouble seems to be locating the Gran Cassa Compi KS Bass Drum in Halion Sonic SE. Could someone give me a simple (and understandable) path to its location. I know it’s probably simple, but I’m not grokking it.

When I add a player and select Bass Drum, Dorico automatically loads the Gran Cassa Combi KS Bass Drum.

Thank you, Derreck for the suggestion. I deleted the player and tried again. Gran Cassa does not automatically load. Instead, I get a window offering drum sets and various other options in which Gran Cassa does not appear. Doesn’t that just figure? It’s always the easy stuff that stops us in our tracks. What now? any suggestions?

Have you tried reapplying the playback template, which should load default sounds?

Thank you, Lillie, for the suggestion. I reset all my defaults which worked perfectly EXCEPT or Bass Drum and Cymbals. There are two differences I see in the WRITE and PLAY modes. One is that they’re the only two one-line staves in the score. The other is in the left Play Mode window, the VST dropdown reads “—”. If I reset it to “HALion Sonic SE” and try to reset my defaults, it reverts to “—” and I get nothing. There may be a preference or properties setting that allows one to get defaults for these in Setup mode, but I’m lost so far. Please don’t give up on me.

Aside from Bass Drum, what other instruments are in your score? I ask on the off chance that you somehow have not yet loaded the HSO sounds (a separate download part of the install procedure) and thus would not have the sound you want.

Thanks, Derrek, for sticking with me on this one. I was thinking along the same line when I decided to search for my HSO file. I thought it would be downloaded into the Steinberg Library Manager, but it wasn’t there where it needed to be. Hmmm! I eventually found it and loaded it into the Steinberg Library Manager, went to PLAY → PLAYBACK TEMPLATE → HSSE+HSO (PRO)2 → Apply and Close, and like a dream come true it defaulted all the instruments in their proper places (27 channels in all). It’s a piano concerto and my poor 4GB RAM is really struggling, but I’m happy you and Lillie helped me think this through. Have a Merry Christmas.