Locating Dancefloor Tech House Content Set

I installed the optional Dancefloor Tech House Content Set but I cannot see it listed under the Content Set tab in Media Bay. Should it be visible there? I have All Media selected. Cubase Pro 11

Please run the Steinberg Library Manager to verify that this content set is indeed installed.

Then run Cubase, press F5 to open the MediaBay, and click the “Update Results” button to the top right.

I followed your instructions thanks. The Tech House library shows up fine in Steinberg Library Manager but was still not visible after clicking Update Results in Media Bay. I restarted Cubase and then rebooted the laptop but it was still not showing until I typed the library name in the Media Bay search bar. What doesn’t make sense is that the other optional libraries I have installed show up in Media Bay under Content Set or Family Name without having the library name in the search bar but the Tech House library will only show up if its name is in the search bar.

Please follow these instructions, but open the Cubase 11_64 folder instead of HALion Sonic SE_64.

This will force the MediaBay to rescan your libraries.

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That did the trick. Many thanks for your assistance and great support :slight_smile: