Locating my VST plugins... they're all over the place!

I’m trying to improve my use of VST plugins, particularly some older ones that don’t have their own file management systems built in and rely on Cubase’s own - which I don’t understand well. I seem to have duplicates of both the plugins themselves and their patch libraries in various locations on my computer. It’s a mess. Is there a simple way to trace which location Cubase is looking for each plugin and its associated patch library, so that I can have just one location? The Plugin Manager doesn’t seem to have this facility.


Not for the 3rd party plug-ins. Cubase can’t see these kind of information from the foreign plug-ins developers.

Okay. Well, where might Cubase keep its native plugins in Windows, and could I copy all my non-native plugins in there as a sub-folder?

You can move and organize them in folders and subfolders anywhere you like. As long as you ad the folder to be scanned in the plugin manager. You can do this for every version of cubase (8.5 32 bit folder scanned by 8.5 32bit only, jbridged 32 bit folder for al 64 bit versons of cubase, and so on). This works for vst2 ony. Vst3 installes automaticly in user> your name>(roaming?)> common files>vst3. Presets normaly go into user>docs> steinberg> presets or something like that (I’m not at my computer right now) This folder is already scanned by mediabay.

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