locating pitch-shifted audio events in a project

I am often getting elastique-related crashes due to audio events being realtime pitch-shifted in a project (and the implementation being buggy I suppose). I would then go through the project to flatten these infoline-realtime-transposed events so as to not be using any pitch-shifting algos and avoid the crashes. In a busier project, this gets very time-consuming – so I’d thought the Project Browser would be the solution to easily spot transposed events. however I cannot seem to find this bit of info in there!

is there another way to streamline the process?

thank you.

If you’re ok with one algorithm for everything I think you can just select all events, then use the flattening realtime processing function. On events without processing nothing should happen.

I’m just guessing here but maybe worth a try.

thanks, i’ll try that (i’m in a nuendo studio atm and tried it on an older N version-- it only flattened one event even though more were selected, but i’ll try again with a newer version of cubase later).