Locating preferences and other stuff

I need to format my OS drive. So I need to locate and move a lot of Cubase stuff to another drive.

This is all I found on key commands in the manual.

‘‘You can import key commands files with the file extension .key’’. Nothing about where I might find such a file.

Project Logical Editor presets, where are they saved to?
Logical presets where are they stored?.
221 search results for ‘Preferences’ and nothing on where they are saved. :confused:

Should I just move the entire App Data folder to another drive and then replace the newly created one after reinstalling Cubase?.

I am on Windows 10 Home.


One of the best way is to make Profile in Cubase. Then you can move it to other system and import it.

Important is so called preferences for %AppData% Steinberg/Cubase X.

In the knowledge base Steinberg web, there is an article, which describes several files.