Location/file paths of presets in Cubase

may i change location / file paths of presets in cubase. in a file manager in windows 10.
What is the safest way?

I’m fairly sure they are hard coded.

Is there a reason you want to do this ?

I forgot to mention that the folders are in the Documents folder and this folder is in OneDrive.
And I don’t want that because OneDrive fills up too quickly

the preferences are mainly in %appdata% ?

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Using hard links in Win is an option - which I would not do, honestly speaking.


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There is no safe way. If you do manage to change the location of the User Settings folder, (only by using a hard link as @Ernst pointed out) your install will eventually break.
But I suspect you are only talking about the folder ~/Documents/Cubase Projects. That is optional. But it might be better to set OneDrive to not sync ~/Documents/Cubase Projects, that way it won’t fill up your OneDrive.

note: ~ = %userprofile% try entering it using the Run command (Win+R). Can be educational.