Location of Controller-Settings (MCU)?

On the Mackie Control (MCU) there are 16 user-definable buttons, but on the setup-window there is no import/export-functionality (like in generic remote).

Where are the settings for the mackie control stored, that I do not have to reassign all the 16 buttons manually after a re-install of Nuendo?

Does anybody know?

I found the MCU setup in 5.5 to be exactly where it was in previous versions, and my settings stayed with the upgrade (except for a couple where Nuendo had changed a function):

In Device Setup, there’s an area for remote just like there is for audio hardware and video output. Once you’ve selected Mackie, you can pull down separate menus for category (transport, edit, etc) and command for each of the 8+8shift user buttons.

I wish there was a way to similarly assign the mixer snapshot buttons on the MCU. I use 4 mixer setups max, and would love to have 4 additional user buttons.

I rebuild my daw-system one or two times a year, and after that the mackie settings are gone.
I can simply recover every setting in Nuendo and interface-mixer with importing snapshots/preferences, the only thing I always have to reassign is the mackie control.

I would like to know in which file the information are saved, that I could backup this before reseting system.

How do I create those categorys? There’s only “mixer” at my place. Can have different user buttons when switching category? How do I programm this?

Try to check this Knowledge Base.