Location of Input Routing pop-up menu?

Cubase Elements 7.0 user. Sorry to bother the forum with this. I am trying to render a midi instrument track to audio. I have assumed that I would need to create a new bus to route the output to a second input to record. I may even have got that idea wrong! Artist 8 is looking quite promising . .

Be that as it may I am rather stuck. The manual says I can select the input bus from the ‘Input Routing pop-up’ which is in the top section of the Inspector panel. I have set all the Inspector panel options to show, and I still can’t find the Input Routing pop-up menu anywhere.

Can someone give me a clue as to where it can be found? Or maybe it’s just not available in Elements. Many thanks in advance.

I’ve been at this all day: I’ve read and re-read the manual but finally found that danged ‘input routing pop-up’ by accident. Not that it helped very much. I’ve been trawling the manual, this forum, and the web for how to bounce down a MIDI track to audio. I’m still none the wiser.

I found this:
“Postby Guest » Sat Nov 17, 2012 10:22 am
I add an extra group into my project called RECORD i route this to no bus. if i ever want to record a VST with effects etc i’ll just route the vst to that channel (or send it to it) add a new audio chan, have the record group as the input and press record. I personally am not sure if i would ever need bounce in place, im sure there are lots of people that do of course.
I suspect the reason it has not been implemented as it is a very destructive route to take, and may confuse new users”

I got along just fine with that recipe until I got to the “have the record group as the input” part and then I’m stuck again. Has anyone got a link or a reference somewhere that tells how to achieve this relatively simple task. Lord, how I sometimes want my multi-track recorder back . . .