Location of VST Sounds

When backing up preferences, I found that a number of my VST Instrument sounds (Padshop, HSO, Grand 3 SE a.o.) are located in the profile directory of Win7. To be precise, here: “C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content”. Now when conciously installing others myself, I pointed them on a location on my D:\ drive, cause I don’t want samples on my OS drive.

How can I change the location of these sounds without crippling the system? Uninstall and reinstall, just moving the files, or is there an elaborate way from within Cubase?

Anyone, please?

There is a way in Windows to move your ENTIRE user profile.

For padshop I simply moved the soundset to where I wanted it. When I started padshop it said it could not find the soundset and asked for it’s location. In the end, it placed a shortcut on my c drive pointing to the actual location of the content. HSO works the same way. I don’t have Grand 3 SE.


Thanks for the answers. I guess I’ll just move them then and get Cubase to ask for the location. Weird that Steinberg lets these things install anywhere they want…

BTW, my presets are still on the C Drive, it’s only the libraries that I have moved.


It asks you on install where to install the sound files for HalionOne, and VST sound files.

I did this awhile ago, so I couln’t remember if the installer asked. But Padshop does not ask, so you have to move after the fact.


Yes, but not the ones I mentioned, and apparently Retrologue did get installed with the rest. It’s just not consistent unfortunately.

Any advantage to the default being the OS drive?

Mine is quite small, and so I have to routinely move them to one of my other drives.

I prefer to keep my OS drive small as possible for imaging reasons. This is why I like to put large libraries on other partitions.


Plus, the OS accessing the system drive can interfere with accessing samples for Cubase.