Location, Production Sound and ISO tracks workflow

Hello everyone,
as a Nuendo user since verion 1.0 there is a feature or workflow I still strongly need.
When recording sound on location for documentaries, films and TV we usually record with portable multitracks recorders where a number of different sources are recorded: premix and ISO tracks, all embedded in a single BWAV poly file. These ISO tracks can also contain different kind of sources: lavalier microphones, plant microphones, stereo and surround techniques.
When these poly files are imported in Nuendo they are recognised as multitrack surround files, and I can put them in the timeline of my project window only in a single “surround” track, unless I convert them into mono tracks and spread them into different mono tracks, which means doubling the space in my hard drives and a lot of faffing around to regroup.

In this case I would like to keep my original poly file and wiithout being forced to convert them into mono, I would like to spread them over few different tracks (ProTools do that). Even further I would like to be able (still using the original poly file) to spread them into different kind of tracks: mono if the source is mono, stereo or surround if some of the tracks are stereo, so to have a nicely ordered mix of techniques I can work with, without having a huge amount of monotracks to regroup to be able to use as originally intended (Reaper do that).

It would be also nice to be able to see the tracknames of the ISO tracks in the Pool and possibly in the region or event in the timeline. At the moment I can only see them clicking in the info column of the file if they are inserted in the Comment by a software like Wave Agent, but I cannot see them if directly imported from a recorder.

Unlocking that feature could bring into the unlocking of the next feature I am constantly using and doing on a daily basis.
When importing an AAF or OMF from the edit suite, I need to change the imported deteriorated files with the original location sound, so I am sure I am using the best quality and sounding material bringing back also the lost metadata. At the moment I am doing it with a workaround using ProTool, which I had to buy only for that feature, (the Field Recorder Match Criteria one) then from there I export an AAF into Nuendo. I would love to be able to do that directly into Nuendo either for time saving and not to loose metadata.

I may have missed something or didn’t found it in the manual but if anyone already cracked this workflow with Nuendo, by all means share it with us.

Thank you.


Several threads about this, but yes we need a meta data matching solution and a good way to deal with poly wav files.
Several work arounds, none of them truly native to Nuendo.

Is great that a Re-Conforming tool was introduced (which I haven’t used yet), which is a second step, missing the first step thugh, forgetting to introduce a Conforming tool. Maybe this can achieve using the same EDL approach?

Yes it technically can. It can work on small projects with limited amount of shooting days. But imho not worth the hassle.

Keeping a watch on this - this is absolutely a requirement for any post sound work for film and TV. Big surprise to find that Nuendo does not natively support this sort of workflow automatically. Unfortunately I will still have to use PT for this requirement and the main reason for moving to Nuendo was to get away from PT as much as possible.

EDLtranslate do this.

Actually also the bwf channel name is shown in clip and info column when poly files splitted by EDLtranslate.
Also you can transform projects to PT (via PT10) with all information without complete recreate of final projects in Nuendo. And much more.

And it’s cheaper when PT (only for conforming) :wink: