Location Range Duration time format

Is it possible to change the location range Duration time format? i.e have the main left and right in bars and the “location Range Duration” in minutes?

Currently not possible, but wish it was! Be great if we could select the format

I’m always trying to guess the length of the song…

Isn’t this what you want?

No, I would like (the option to make) the main locators to be bars/beats and the “location range” to be minutes/seconds

Maybe i am a bit confused.
At the bottom of the video next to the performance meter, are 3 counters.
1st: Locator range
2nd and 3rd: are the Playhead position.
I changed the 2nd to seconds and i left the 3rd in bars and beats. So after changing the 2nd counter to secongs, 1st counter (Locator Range) changed to seconds.
What did i missunderstand?