Locator not keeping position after selecting clips

Every time I select a clip from a MIDI track other than the one I’m editing my locator automatically goes to the beginning of that clip.

Suppose I’m on my MIDI editor window working on measure 40 of my clarinet. Now I want to edit the same measure on my piano track. When I go to the main project window and double click the piano clip, it opens the MIDI editor but the locator goes back to the beginning of the piano clip and I lose measure 40. Is there any way to change the locator settings so it doesn’t move to the beginning of the selected clip every time I select a clip?

I’m sure there must be an easy fix for that, but I couldn’t find it or find the exact terms in order to make an appropriate search online.

Thanks in advance

maybe this?

Thanks A LOT!!!
It did start a few weeks ago after I enabled “Use Video Follows Edit Mode” in order to spot a film on Cubase. The name of this function seems a bit misleading though, but it totally worked.