Locator Positions Change

I am working with another guy on projects we share in Dropbox and our time zones let us work in the same files without any conflicts. I have a PC and the other guy has a Mac. When I save my file, the locator positions are stored and if I open it again they are right where I left them. If the other guy opens that file and saves it, he said he can see the locator positions change right before it closes. When I open the file the locators are set to some irrelevant position and I have to put them back to where I want them. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this weirdness?
Mac Locators.jpg
PC Locators.jpg


As far as I know, Locators are stored globally, not with the project. So if you open other project on the very same machine, the Locators remain at its position.

Really? If so this is true, absolutely crazy (and not something I’ve noticed switching between projects and machines).

Doesn’t actually answer the OP’s question anyway.


Sorry, I’m wrong. The Locators position is stored within the project.

Then it’s a bug if it doesn’t work.