Locators in the Timeline do not scroll the Timeline

Well, this is more a feature request to make VST Live more like Cubase.
In Cubase you can grab the locators on the timeline and then move them with the mouse to left/right and if you reach the window border cubase scrolls the timeline/project in that direction until you stop the movement. In VST Live you can onle move the locators to the window border, than everythings stopps and you have to scroll the window manualy or you zoom out to reach the desired position.

Can you please make the locators to behave like in cubase so that they can trigger the window scrolling until you let got? Here you can see the differences…

This is how the Locators work in Cubase
Cubase Selector-Drag

And this is what VST Live does
VST Live Selector-Drag

It would really be of great help if VST Live could take over the functionality of Cubase here.

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I updated me request and add some Animations that show the differences between Cubase an VST Live and yes I know VST Live is NOT Cubase but I think this could be a real improvement.

Autoscroll is on the list.


That’s great! Thank you on behalf of the users!

I am still testing the Autoscroll-Feature for the Locators in the timeline doesn’t work or hasn’t been implemented yet?

One by one.