Locators key question


Is there a key command for placing the right locator at the end of an arrangement in the project window. Dragging or clicking makes it hard to be accurate.

Thanks in advance

On Pc …
Ctrl + Left Click for Left One
Alt + Left Click for Right one.

I often find it easier to make a part on a track that is exactly the length of the song. When I have messed around with the locators and want them back just select the part and hit the p key.

or use an arranger track as then you can ctrl-double click and the whole song is selected

I press Ctrl-A (select everything in the project), the click ‘p’ to set L/R to span it all.

I usually then create a Cycle Marker and call it ‘Whole Song’. Later I’ll select the cycle marker and press ‘p’ before I do an export. Sometimes I move the end of the cycle marker a bit (freehand) to include any ambience that might be hanging over on the last hit/note.