Locators moving on their own

for no reason I can see, the locator settings are changing all by themselves. If I set the left locator to bar 9 and the mouse is hovering over it, it automatically counts down, bar by bar, from 9 to 1 !
Its bizarre, its just started doing this out of nowhere ! Im using cubase 12 pro on Windows 11. Its basically broken, has anyone else experienced this ? How on earth can this just happen out of the blue ??

Not seeing that here, and surely a problem like that would generate an enormous influx of reports.

There is something going on, but from your message I can’t imagine what.

Do you have a cat?

finally figured out what it was, my wireless keyboard was basically issuing keypresses all by itself, I disconnected the adapter and reconnected, now its fine :laughing: :laughing:

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Bingo. So Dogs?

I have seen this problem with wireless keyboards. The problem here is the usb receiver has a poor radio connection. So I move it slightly.