Locators not working

I have stumbled upon some rather strange behaviour.
I imported a project from Cubase 4.
Everything was fine until I moved the locators to an area that I wanted to record.
I could not stretch them to fit an 8 bar sequence. I could move the two arrows but could not separate them.
Everything else seems to be working. I can still record, but obviously not loop the recording.

I wonder if I have inadvertently disabled this function?
PC i7 intel 3.2 x 6
12 Gig RAM
Fireface UC
Cubase 6.2
UAD 1 x2
UAD 2 Solo x1

I have also discovered that I cannot change the order of the inserts. Or for that matter change the order of the tracks, the clips in the lanes or in the arrange page. Likewise I can’t change the volume of the clips.
I’ve not seen this sort of thing before in all the time I have used Cubase.

I have opened some other projects and It is happening there as well!

I think I must have changed some setting - but God alone knows what it might be?

Any ideas?

I’ve seen a thread report suggesting something was ‘uneditable’ after opening an old version project but I can’t remember what happened, long time back, sorry. My suggestion is that you post the project and maybe a mod will pick it up and see what’s what, or we can confirm for you anyway. Tried the usual trashing prefs btw??


Thanks for the reply.

I was just going to do that.
I re-booted the computer - problem still there.
Re-booted again and the problem seems to have gone.
Thinking back - I inadvertently pulled an external hard drive that had the original version of the track and although I had done a back-up that might have had something to do with it.
Who knows?

I have to say that it is the first time with C6 that I have been scratching my head in confusion.