Locators unexpectedly moving?

Lately, every time I use a short cut move to a marker in a project, Nuendo is moving both locators to that position. It doesn’t matter whether I use the keypad to go directly to the marker, or the Next or Previous marker command, they all do the same thing. Is there some setting that I’ve accidentally toggled? Is this a known issue in 5.1.1?

I’m using Nuendo 5.1.1 on a Mac 8 core - OSX 10.6.7
Mackie control surface


Not sure I understand you.
I think you mean that you want to snap/move the locator to -say- marker #5, and therefore you press num. Keypad #5, correct?

Nuendo is moving both locators to that position.

So I guess you mean that you are using Cycle Markers, and that the left and right locator are snapping to the start & beginning of that cycle marker, correct?

This is a preference in the Marker Window which you can toggle on/off (also by key command).
Cycle markers.jpg

sounds like you’ve got the keycommand assigned to two functions. check your keycommands page.

Excellent! That fixed it for me… Thank You!

I didn’t know that was possible - shirley the prefs won’t allow one KC to 2 functions?